Facial Fat Grafting for Rejuvenated Contours

With time’s passage, our faces become more noticeably affected by the sun, gravity and the use of expression muscles. Our deeper tissues begin losing their ability to retain a firm contour, and expression marks appear on our faces.

What Can Facial Fat Grafting Do For The Facial Features?

At Dr. Bell’s Toronto clinic, patients regain a younger appearance by using facial fat grafting to fill expression folds, hollow cheeks, hollows below the eyes, lips, and scars. This can be used as an isolated treatment or can be combined with other treatments.

How Is Facial Fat Grafting Performed?

After disinfection of the donor and recipient areas, the sites are numbed using local anesthetic. During the procedure, Dr. Bell performs a liposuction from donor locations such as the tummy, thighs, and buttocks, and then injects the prepared fat into the areas chosen to be filled.

In order to fill sunken cheeks to the correct final effect, slight over filling is often required because of the possible absorption process with facial fat grafting. This can make your face appear over-swollen immediately after the operation.

If the area treated is extensive, it’s advisable to restrain from activities after treatment. For smaller areas, most patients can go back to their daily activities right away. There might be some redness, swelling, and small bruises around both the donor and the recipient sites.

Healing From Facial Fat Grafting

For most patients at Dr. Bell’s Toronto clinic, the healing time after facial fat grafting depends on the magnitude of the procedure. It’s advisable to avoid sun exposure until the areas have healed. There is no limitation on using make-up. The swelling may continue to subside for up to several weeks, especially where the area is larger.

You must remember that due to their biological nature, the injected materials may be partly absorbed in the body. The duration of the effect of facial fat grafting may last many years.