Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)

Surgery of the chin, also known as mentoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or possibly fat grafting.

Chin Augmentation

Some patients at Dr. Bell’s Toronto clinic seek chin surgery in combination with nose surgery in order to achieve balance in proportion, as the size of the chin can magnify or minimize the apparent size of the nose. Chin surgery helps to provide or restore anatomical balance to your facial profile.

Dr. Bell uses carefully selected implants to enhance the lines of your profile. There are many types of implants from which to choose. The goal is to subtly emphasize the jaw line and create a more pleasing proportion between the chin and the upper face.

Chin Surgery, The Procedure:

Chin augmentation surgery is performed at Dr. Bell’s accredited cosmetic surgical facility in Toronto. The surgery can be performed either using local anesthetics with sedative drugs or with general anesthesia.

During your surgery, Dr. Bell designs the implant that fits your chin and then inserts it into a "pocket" that he surgically creates. A small incision for the pocket can either be made inside the mouth, near the lower lip, or from outside just below the chin.

Recovery From Cosmetic Chin Surgery

After chin surgery at Dr. Bell’s Toronto clinic, your chin is bandaged to control swelling and implant movement. Bandages also help with discomfort. Dr. Bell will remove your stitches after 5 to 7 days. If your incision is inside the mouth, absorbable stitches are used and there is no need to remove them.

The final results will continue to refine as healing progresses, therefore, your surgical result will improve steadily over time.