Cheek Augmentation (Cheek Implants)

Cheek augmentation surgery is designed to restore and lift the cheekbones by balancing facial features and restoring a youthful appearance. This is achieved by increasing the projection of cheekbones and adding volume. At the same time, a skillfully performed cheek augmentation will create and restore symmetry.

What Does Cheek Augmentation Correct?

Patients at Dr. Bell’s Toronto clinic frequently wish to change the shape or size of the cheek in order to correct flaws caused by heredity or injury.

This cosmetic procedure gives the face a more proportional and balanced appearance. On older patients, it allows the face to appear fuller, especially when the face looks drawn, aged or sunken.

Younger women who have flatter cheekbones may choose cheek implants to add scale and balance to their features. Underdeveloped cheekbones make other facial features appear more prominent. Many younger patients seeking cheek augmentation cite this fact as their number one concern.

Check Implant Surgery

Cheek augmentation can be performed using different methods at Dr. Bell’s accredited surgical facility in Toronto. Each patient’s needs are unique and will be the deciding factor as to which method will be chosen. Usually, Dr. Bell creates a “pocket ” over the tissue of the cheek, which allows the implant to fit inside through an incision in the mouth.

Your first cheek augmentation consultation with Dr. Bell will identify what’s needed to restore balance and prominence to your cheekbones.

Healing After Your Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Patients may experience some numbness, swelling or discomfort at the incision site. Dr. Bell will reassure you that this is normal and will fade with time. Temporary bruising and swelling of the face are to be expected; however, keeping the head slightly elevated when reclining and applying cold compresses may help reduce swelling.

Most patients resume regular activity within a few days following surgery. Most initial swelling diminishes within two weeks. As the tissue heals, supportive tissue forms around the implant. After a few weeks, there will be little difference between the implant and natural bone structure. New facial contours emerge within four to six weeks.

Avoid strenuous activity and rough contact in or near the area of the implant for at least four to six weeks and keep your follow-up appointments with Dr. Bell at his Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery clinic.