Anterior Hairline Brow Lift

Anterior Hairline (or pretrichial) browlift is used exclusively in individuals with a longer than normal forehead length. Dr. Bell will also consider the frontal hairstyle pattern when choosing the appropriate browlift technique.

The primary advantage of a hairline browlift in individuals with long foreheads is that making the incision at the hairline ensures that the forehead will not be further elongated as the brows are moved upward. In other words, the position of the hairline stays more or less the same pre- and post-surgery. In the case of a hairline browlift, the tissue that will be removed will come from the forehead and nor the scalp as is the case with a traditional Coronal browlift.

The secondary advantage of a hairline browlift is that the forehead can also be shortened if preferred by the patient. In this case, Dr. Bell will simultaneously advance the hairline while lifting the brows undermining the forehead tissue behind the scalp.

Recovery after a hairline browlift is the same as every other browlift method.

General principles of recovery are the same as in a traditional browlift. Please see Coronal browlift.